President Barack Obama Believes That Hillary Could’ve Worked Harder!

As we all try to put the pieces together to try and understand how Donald Trump won Tuesday’s election , one person who did was President Obama. President Obama through some light shade towards Hillary Clinton for not campaigning more when he was asked about what the Democrats can learn from Donald Trump’s surprising win.

According to Daily Mail,  Obama spoke about how he won Iowa, which is a prediomantly white state, not because of the demographics  dictated it but because he spent 87 days going to every small town fair and fish fry and VFW hall.”

He mentioned that some counties he may have lost but not by a huge margin because he showed his face and took his time to get to know the people.

Hillary only visited Iowa 3 times and that was after the Caucus.

Do you think if Hillary would have visited the  battleground  states more she would have fun?

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