Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne‘s daughter Reginae Carter is looking for trouble, man. The 17-year-old has come to her father’s defense and went after hip-hop star T.I. for publicly bashing Wayne over Black Lives Matter comments.

A screenshot has surfaced of Reginae commenting on T.I.’s Wayne-targeted Instagram post. past weekend, Tip bashed Wayne on Instagram for not acknowledging the importance of Black Lives Matter. personality Dr. Boyce Watkins has publicly ripped Wayne over his open apology for exploding during the “Nightline” interview.

“Hey what’s up, I’m Dr. Boyce Watkins. I’m here in Treport, Louisiana and I heard that Lil Wayne apologized for his disrespectful remarks about Black Lives Matter, about black people, about black women and you know, I would say it’s fine to apologize. But the thing is, he has to show that his apology is more than just a ploy for money or to protect his brand. The fact of the matter, brother, is you have a lot to apologize for. You really need to kind of apologize for the last 15 years. You’ve got a daughter and you’ve been calling a lot of other people’s daughters b*tches and h*es but in the interview you got mad because the interviewer said – asked you how you feel about your own daughter being cast as a b*tch and a h*e. Well, if you don’t like your own daughter being cast in that light, why are you putting my daughter in that light? Why are you putting other black men’s daughters in that light? Or just other men’s daughters and women’s daughters in that light? It’s wrong. I think you need to apologize a lot. I think about 8,000 apologies will do the trick.”

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