This costume deserves all of the awards. Parents Dress Baby as Colin Kaepernick for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and there’s always that one kid who stands out when it comes to his or her costume. And this year, it’s Baby Kaepernick.

Hana Pugh posted a photo of 14-month-old Ceron Pugh III dressed as Colin Kaepernick, and needless to say, Baby Kaep has become a viral sensation.

Pugh’s husband is a captain in the Army, and she told the Huffington Post that they support Kaepernick’s national anthem protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We admire Kaepernick’s courage to utilize his platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement, raise awareness to issues like police brutality, and even the way this country treats its veterans,” Pugh said. “Additionally, we wanted to reiterate the narrative that one can be proud to be black while simultaneously being patriotic.”

Someone call up Kaepernick and let him know about this cute kid.


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