Black Girls Are Recreating Solange’s Album Cover On Instagram And It’s Freaking Cute

soloBy: Victoria Sanusi

This is 5-year-old Ahnari from Miami, Florida. She loves Solange, whose new album A Seat at the Tablewent to No. 1 after its release earlier this month.

Ahnari’s mother, Michaela Lemoine, told BuzzFeed News that when her daughter saw the album cover she “was ecstatic to re-create the look, especially with the clips… She put most of them in her hair and I just had to fix them [in place].”

The 30-year-old said her daughter shares other similarities with Solange: “She’s truly an artist and has her own style and is true to herself and isn’t afraid to speak out, and those are the similarities that Ahnari possesses also.

“Ahnari is very outspoken and loves to dress herself… I may not agree with her choices in clothing sometimes (lol) but I allow her to artistically speak through her wardrobe.”

Lemoine says it’s amazing that her daughters, Ahnari and Aryonah, have someone like Solange to represent them: “It’s always important to feel like you can have someone to relate to; they can serve as a voice for you or even validation.

“Unfortunately there is a lot going on with race and gender right now, with injustice and inequality; it is extremely imperative our girls can look at someone and say, ‘That person made it, so can I.’”

Ahnari has gone the extra mile and re-created Solange’s “Cranes in the Sky” video – and absolutely nailed it in her pink Snuggie. She has gone pretty viral online since her mother shared her pictures on Instagram. Her mother described the response as “surreal”, and Ahnari loves the the attention that she’s been getting.

But, wait, there’s more: This is 4-month-old Clover Trotman from Queens, New York. Her mother, Emilisa Trotman, told BuzzFeed News that “although she’s just 4 months, Clover already has a very unique style, similar to that of Solange’s.”

The 25-year-old described Solange’s A Seat at the Table as a “powerful, inspirational, and extremely relevant”. She said re-creating the album cover with Clover was symbolic because the record “fit into this period of my life perfectly as the album served as a reminder that it is okay to let go and heal, that it is okay to love who I am and everything about being a woman of color.”

She added: “Clover is my daily inspiration. Giving birth to my daughter served as a turning point into a period of enlightenment and healing in my life. I began to unapologetically love myself for who I am, and the skin that I am in.”

Trotman said she hoped Clover would “look back at this photo and appreciate not only her own looks of natural beauty but such an individual like Solange, who is one of many women to gift us this platform of womanhood to the forefront.”

Little Clover went viral on Instagram when her picture was shared on Naturally Perfect Kids’s account. Trotman said: “I felt overjoyed! I couldn’t believe it! I thank every single person who liked her picture.”

Here’s 2-year-old Jolie’ Dior from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her mother, Ashlyn Ursua, told BuzzFeed News the pair were having a girly night in and decided to re-create Solange’s album cover for fun.

“It was ‘hair day’ so I was massaging her scalp and giving her an olive oil treatment and playing Solange’s album and one thing lead to another! LOL,” Ursua said.

The 26-year-old said that out of all her children, Jolie’ is “definitely the rebel of the bunch – the sweetest littlest thing ever, but she goes against the grain”, which she says is similar to Solange. “I think Solange went against the grain with this album, and we love it,” she said.

“It is very important for my daughter to see black representation in the media because that is who Jolie’ is. With past generations the media has always been so saturated with one type of image. It’s time for us to break down those barriers because beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes,” Ursua said.

“My husband is African and Filipino, and I’m Mexican and black American, so it’s important for her to see others that look like her or that she can identify with.”

Seven-year-old Nilah Chears from Rockford, Illinois, has also re-created A Seat at the Table. Her mother, Betty Chears, said: “I took my daughter’s hair down to get it ready for shampoo day and the idea just dawned on me! I showed Solange’s album cover to Nilah, telling her that I wanted to re-create it with her and she thought it would be so cool.”

The 35-year-old said that she has always been a fan of Solange. “I’m a natural-hair advocate – that draws me to her. And she has that neo-soul vibe that I love. Her latest album is soothing my soul. I can’t stop playing it – it’s my alarm and ring tone.”

Chears said she is glad Niliah has inspiring black figures in the media to look up to like Solange. She added: “They both have a caramel complexion, thick eyebrows, curly, long natural hair, and they are both gorgeous”.

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