People Are Complaining That ‘Luke Cage’ Is “Too Black” by Jessica McKinney |


Will #LukeCageTooBlack be the next hashtag? Probably not. But following the release of Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Luke Cage, many viewers are complaining about the show being “racist.”

Many fans jumped on Twitter to protest Marvel’s audacity to represent minorities throughout the 13-episode series. “Lack of white people in Luke Cage makes me uncomfortable. This show is racist, how is this on Netflix,” one person tweeted. Another questioned why the black people on the show were speaking about being an African-American. “Im not racist but :/ why is luke cage so political :/ why do they talk about being black all the time :/ where are the white characters.”

Is it me or the new Netflix. Luke Cage a little racist. Notice it’s mostly black where is the diversity. @LIVE_COVERAGE

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Some viewers jumped on Twitter to defend the series. “White people who are like ‘i don’t see race’ are the same people who are like “why are there no white ppl in luke cage this is racist,” one person wrote. “I will say that watching #LukeCage I understand why some white people can’t relate. The idea that they aren’t central is hard to accept,” another chimed in.

I will say that watching I understand why some white people can’t relate. The idea that they aren’t central is hard to accept.


Luke Cage, which premiered on the streaming service last week (Sept. 30), follows the story of Luke, a superhuman with extraordinary strength and bulletproof skin as armor as he fights to break down a corrupt government system in New York City. The story is set in Harlem, and often references the city’s renaissance period as well as hip hop culture.

The predominantly black and latina cast, with actors Mike Colter, Mahershala Ali, Alfre Woodard, and Rosario Dawson taking on lead roles and characters. Aside from the people who cried “racist,” Luke Cage has been well-received by the masses, and has been considered a ground-breaking series in terms of representation. Luke Cage joins Black Panther as one of the very few shows to feature a black actor as the protagonist.

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